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Gems Inventory Software, ERP Software for Diamond & Jewelry Businesses!

Gemstones Online Sales Management

Get your gemstone inventory perfect; track accurately how much of each gemstone stock you have, set thresholds for re-order to eradicate backorders and be notified of the gemstones you are running short - best gemstones inventory software. You can also improve your productivity and operational efficiency by increasing the volume with labor optimized inventory and accounting methodologies. iGemCloud provides you real-time metrics to know when to add more stock for demand points. iGemCloud is the best gemstone software for pc, enabling you to optimize your jewellery business. iGemCloud is the best retail jewellery software enabling gemstone jewelers to manage their jewelery businesses online, from anywhere. With iGemCloud managing your jewelry business, you don't need any other jewelry store software.

  • PRINT LABEL - From Gem section we can print the label of stone with certain attributes like the shape, color, carat, cut, clarity, lab, etc.
  • You can get the Import and export done of the gemstones by using CSV or Excel formats.
  • For any respective gemstone you can upload a certificate image, stone image, and the videos
  • The barcoding and the RFID feature identifies each stone uniquely in the inventory records while it also does scanning of those gemstones which don't exist in inventory but have entered even once.
  • MIXING - Mixing executes the mixing functionality for any existing and non-existing gemstone attributes. By mixing feature, you can easily transfer some value of quantity and carat to any existing or non-existing gemstone.
  • PARTNERSHIP - Through the partnership screen it allows the user to create a partnership with one or more persons in the sale or purchase of a Gemstone. The top section saves your vital information about the Gemstone and pricing. The middle section is used for entering the user's partner information that includes what percent is to be allocated and is calculated automatically for the partnership. The bottom section is for adding one or more partner's info. Various other partnership options can be also chosen based on your preferences.
  • Gemstones Invoicing service
  • Gemstones Invoicing service
  • GEM SEARCH - It is a filter-based search screen where you can search our gemstones whether they are On Hand, On Memo, or they are sold.
  • You can quickly export Gemstones to eBay and Amazon
  • iGemCloud accounting management makes accounting more easy than Tally software
  • Get reports from Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L on Tips
  • Cash and Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Enriched Online Accounting with Zooming Facility
  • Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding & Bank Summary
  • Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • Tax Returns and Summaries
  • Columnar Register/Ledger Printing
  • Cheque & Voucher Printing

iGemCloud deals with Loose Gemstones, Pairs and Parcels. User can mix the gems as well. Users can print customized labels for various gems and RFID can be used for Gemstone Inventory check. Gemstones information and certificates can be directly downloaded from respective Labs. Gemstones can be scheduled for upload to different market places like Polygon, eBay, Amazon etc. along with different FTP's. It also has different Inventory reports which can be customized. Our Jewellery shop management software has helped 125+ jewelers globally to manage their jewellery business online. Call us now for jewellery billing software demo and the perfect gems accounting software.

Gemstones Stock Analysis and Inventory

Gemstones Stock Analysis and Inventory iGemCloud Features

  • Single and multi-gemstone inventory by type, country of origin and more

  • Certified and non-certified gemstones

  • Certificate scanning

  • Matching Pairs Layouts

  • Bar code label printing and scanning

  • Stone Imaging

  • Re-cutting

  • Partnerships

  • In House locations

  • Stones mounted in Jewelry

  • Gemstones Barcoding
  • Gemstones Barcoding

  • Seven pricing levels

  • Customized lab reports

  • Memo history

  • Cost code maintenance

  • Email Certificates and lists

  • Tag Printing (For mounted)

  • Gemstone history

  • Gemstone Quotes by Customer

  • Reserve Gemstone by Customer

  • Mixing and mixing history

  • Loading from excel as well as other programs

  • Export Databases

  • FTP Functions

Gemstones RFID

Gemstones RFID Search by Gemstones

  • Multiple Shapes

  • Multiple Labs

  • Matching Pairs

  • Vendor

  • Purchase Dates

  • In house

  • On memo

  • Certificate and Lab

  • Plus Much More

iGemCloud Reports

    Gemstones Accounting Software
  • Gemstones Accounting Software

  • Inventory reports with cost

  • Inventory without cost

  • On memo inventory

  • Inventory with adjustable sell prices

  • Reports according to Rapaport Gemstone prices

  • Many More Reports

  • Certificate Lab

  • Plus Much More

Prices Update

Prices are updated two times in a day as per London Bullion Market (LBMA).

Every Friday Morning RapPrices are downloaded from RAPNET and updating the current prices to the inventory as per user's settings as the user can have option to recalculate the Sell Prices or Percent Off.

jewellery stock management software

Importing and Exporting Inventory in CSV and EXCEL

Mixing of Stones

Search Screen (Matching Pair Search, Fancy Color Stones Search, Search Based on Multiple Prices, Filters on Every Attribute of Diamond, Filter based on Sold, Memo, In-Hand)

Import CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header]

  • Certificate Import and data from Labs [GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, and EGL] for now it is for Diamonds only.

  • Data import can use Auto-Increment feature as well to name the Stones/items automatically

  • User can create memo-In and Bills as well while importing Inventory for a Vendor.

Bulk Images or Certificates Import

  • Export CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header] [with or without images or certificates]

  • Download on Desktop

  • Gemstones Inventory Software
  • Gemstones Inventory Software

  • Upload or Export to FTP [VDB, R2NET, Polygon, IDEX, BlueNile or client provided FTPs]

  • Upload or Export using SOAP or REST APIs [RAPNET, eBay, Amazon, QuickBook Online and Desktop Version]

  • Export as Attachment [CSV, EXCEL, PDF] to Mail

  • Bulk Images or Certificates Export for the Exported Inventory

Call us now for a jewellery shop software demo +1 -212-398-3087. It is not a jewelry making inventory software but it helps you manage gemstones through jewelry inventory software. Get the gemstones and jewellery software full version with wide variety of features. It also includes the billing software for jewellery shop. It is one of the most powerful and robust jewellery shop management software. Check out more with us to know better how our jewelry inventory management software can help you manage your gemstones inventory.