Our team is comprised of industry business pros directing our software engineers and not vice versa. As a result – Our system speaks the language of this industry rather than the language of the technology that supports it. All aspects of our system operate and feel natural, affording fast learning curve, and providing a very high level of comfort, security, efficiency and flexibility. iDiamondCloud software is compatible with all PCs, MACs, Android tablets, iPads, and iPhones and can be hosted on the iDiamondCloud or the clients own server with protection twice as protection twice as strong as bank-level security.

iDiamondCloud - The software we have developed is built from the ground up to provide robust solutions that are specific to this industry.

Unlike virtually ALL other inventory management software packages, even the best and most expensive ones, iDiamondCloud IS NOT a generic system that was modified to be so called “tailored”, nor is it a template taken from preconceived inventory strategies.

iDiamondCloud was designed from the get go, based on our OWN seasoned experience as Diamond, Gemstone and Jewelry dealers and professionals like yourself. We have successfully incorporated the long time tested industry philosophies, often related to as “old-fashioned” with the newest, most advanced technologies to bring YOU, regardless of your view of this business practices, old-fashioned or super tech-adept, a business operating environment in which you will feel productive, safe, comfortable and profitable, every step of the way.