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Jewelry Management Software for Diamond & Jewelry Businesses


iDiamondCloud offers the most advanced Cloud-based ERP to B2B and B2C for Online Diamond, Jewelry, Gemstones and Watches Inventory and Accounting Management to Diamond & Jewelry Industry. It is a robust diamond and jewelry inventory management software which is already running with 125+ Jewellery companies worldwide. iDiamondCloud solution is a comprehensive cloud web application with one database - no matter how many outlets, offices, factories or companies your organization possess. The cloud-based web application could be tailor-made and customized as per your jewelry business needs with software integration as well as a custom website design for your jewelry and diamond company.

iDiamondCloud Jewellery software allows your staff to search your inventory, post requirements, and place orders. It is accessible anytime and anywhere. It has an easy to operate and understand rich user-interface, robust software technology and ground-breaking concepts. iDiamondCloud caters Diamond, Jewelry, Watches, and Gemstones - retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to access your assets online while on the move. By integrating the iDiamondCloud as jewelry inventory management solution, we let your Management team focus on the core business activities while our jewelry software makes your day to day operations run efficiently.


iDiamondCloud's Jewelry and Diamond Accounting Software automates major finance operations and exempts you from accounting maneuvers as it has all essential features from purchase to balance sheet. The Cloud-based web Jewelry ERP Software has built-in features like purchases, sales, dollar conversion, exchange difference, bill to bill analysis. Our quick reporting system lets you analyze jewelry sales trends and eventually make you interpret and forecast growth correctly.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are geared up to take any challenge and deliver high end, top quality Jewelry software solutions on time and within budget.

Key USP's

  • Multiple stock reports for daily stock count.

  • User defined reports to track sold/unsold items.

  • Serialized and non-serialized stocks maintenance.

  • Integrated tagging facility for fast selling & save time.

  • Information about any selling item for any specific date.

  • ID for salesmen to monitor and check salesman wise sales.

  • Stock point info and internal stock transfer between branches.

Key Features

  • Print Tags and labels with item details for, Diamond, Jewellery, Gems and Watches.

  • User defined lock function period to secure your old and current documents.

  • Single and Multi-location. Precise, accurate and complete inventory control.

  • Presented to client in image Catalogue and Slideshow with defined details.

  • Backup data quickly & easily without any technical knowledge.

  • Touch Screen POS, Mouse free and Mouse based data entry.

  • Multiple Currencies with Multiple Exchange rates.

Global Inventory and Sales Support

iDiamondCloud is a web based cloud software and it allows different branch offices to update diamond stock and inventory online. Users can get all the information and reports in PDF format from all the labs like GIA, EGL, IGI, IGL, HRD, & AGS easily with the minimum information needed like Certificate Number and Carat. So, now you don't need to make manual entries for their inventory.

Multi Location Data of various locations or branches of a company can be managed by different users in a single system. It empowers jewelry retailers and manufacturers to accurately scan hundreds of pieces in seconds, create custom sales and inventory reports, plus the ability search for items.

Schedule Inventory

User can easily schedule their inventory to daily upload to the above Markets. Also the inventories are downloaded and added to the existing inventories. Inventories can be easily filtered and manipulated before uploading.

Jewellery Inventory Management

Separate Stock Management for loose and certificate stones.

Certified Stones

Listing of the certified loose Diamonds is made easy with the import feature that lets you to state properties in up to 45 different field's format that is compatible with RAPNET and GIA.

Bar code and RFID Compatible

Now make entries for JobBag, Memos, Bills - Fast and efficient Stock Management using Bar Code and RFID Technology.

QuickBooks Integration

Application is integrated with both Online and Desktop Version of QuickBooks Accounting Software. So all the Customers, Vendors, Bills and Payments are in sync.


It is a unique feature to trade Diamond Parcels online permitting your staff to search with Sieve Sizes, MM Sizes and Carat Sizes.

Matching Pairs

Finding and matching similar gemstones is absolutely easy with our advanced Matching Engine which pairs using absolute grades or comparative percentages in Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity, Fluorescence, Symmetry, Polish and several other properties.

Customer Relationship Management

Diamond Inventory reminders and updates can be sent to your customers via Email. You can also set exact stones collection that each of your customers are engrossed in. You can send them Diamond stock details for only the gemstones that match their necessities.

Rap Discounts

For members of Rappaport (or RAPNET). The Diamond Inventory Software has the capability to compute diamond stock prices based on the Rappaport Pricelist and discounts.

Suppliers and Margins

Secure login is made available to your vendor which permits them to manage their inventory with custom margins added to the prices.

Customer-Based Pricelists

You can share different prices to different set of clients as well as confine some buyers from glancing your inventory.

Reports and Market Research

You can generate user-defined reports with graphs and charts at any time with any specific date range set.

Bill Booking

Company Expenses can tracked and managed by using Bill Booking for any payments to be made.

Stone parameter based-pricing

Prices from RAPNET which are based on carat, color, clarity and cut.

Company (Local) Price Master

Companies with multiple outlets can define and set up to 7 different prices for different level of their customers.

Single Stone Tracking and Analysis

Individual stone tracking helps to analyze profit & loss from the rough purchase to finished good sale. It has in-built RapCalculator for calculating prices for single Diamonds.


Tag and Label Content can be easily customized. Seamlessly sends commands in EPL, ZPL, FGL, ESC/POS, EPCL, CPCL (and many more) formats. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux clients and has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

  • Brother QL-570 for Label Printing

  • TLP - 2844, Zebra Printer Tag Printing

  • Thermal Printing with QZ []

Items Imagery

  • Supports Format - JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG etc.

  • Upload up to 4 images for an item

  • Take SNAPSHOT from the system camera itself. Also the whole inventory images can be loaded and then automatically connect to inventory.

  • You can also add the link of the images as well.

Item Videos

  • Supports Formats - AVI, MP4 etc.

  • Can upload videos for items

  • Can give link of item on YouTube

Prices Update

Prices are updated two times in a day as per London Bullion Market (LBMA).

Every Friday Morning RapPrices are downloaded from RAPNET and updating the current prices to the inventory as per user's settings as the user can have option to recalculate the Sell Prices or Percent Off.

Importing and Exporting Inventory in CSV and EXCEL

Mixing of Stones

Search Screen (Matching Pair Search, Fancy Color Stones Search, Search Based on Multiple Prices, Filters on Every Attribute of Diamond, Filter based on Sold, Memo, In-Hand)

Import CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header]

  • Certificate Import and data from Labs [GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, and EGL] for now it is for Diamonds only.

  • Data import can use Auto-Increment feature as well to name the Stones/items automatically

  • User can create memo-In and Bills as well while importing Inventory for a Vendor.

Bulk Images or Certificates Import

  • Export CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header] [with or without images or certificates]

  • Download on Desktop

  • Upload or Export to FTP [VDB, R2NET, Polygon, IDEX, BlueNile or client provided FTPs]

  • Upload or Export using SOAP or REST APIs [RAPNET, eBay, Amazon, QuickBook Online and Desktop Version]

  • Export as Attachment [CSV, EXCEL, PDF] to Mail

  • Bulk Images or Certificates Export for the Exported Inventory