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Best-Selling Diamond Inventory Software for real-time Inventory, Accounting, CRM, Purchase and Billing!

Diamond Inventory Management is a tricky business. You need to have a true diamond inventory system on hand to save yourself from huge trench on operations' show. The question is how you can ensure you have the right diamond inventories, at the right place, at the right time to:

Diamond Software ERP
  • Drive improved margins
  • Minimize inventory levels
  • Avoid excess and shortage conditions

iDiamondCloud loose diamonds inventory management software empowers you to manage your diamond inventory across every worksite and location through diamond billing software. iDiamondCloud is a cloud-based diamond accounting software and it has a distinctive user-friendly interface and convenient mobile capabilities for your staff to easily view, manage and adjust inventory anywhere - anytime. Streamline your loose diamond business operations at various distribution centers, storage and manufacturing locations, and retail stores. From purchasing to delivery, you can easily maintain all facets of your diamond inventory and get detailed information regarding tracking, counting and reconciling throughout the lifecycle. iDiamondCloud is a diamond ERP Software.

  • Get a 360-degree view of your diamond inventory stock stages using multiple search parameters, including: stock keeping unit (SKU), type, barcode, manufacturer, supplier and much more.
  • Get complete update of diamonds inventory at different locations to eliminate any costly mistakes like ordering diamonds for one branch while another has ample on hand.
  • Eliminate the need to invest in the developing your IT infrastructure and equipment, people, processes, required for full-scale diamond inventory warehouse operation.

iDiamondCloud's Diamond Accounting Software automates major finance operations and exempts you from accounting maneuvers as it has all essential features from purchase to balance sheet. The Cloud-based accounting software for diamond business has built-in features like purchases, sales, dollar conversion, exchange difference, bill to bill analysis. Our quick reporting system lets you analyze the diamond sales trends and eventually make you interpret and forecast growth correctly. It's a perfect gold jewellery accounting software and helps jewelers to automate accounting for jewelry business. It is the perfect diamond accounting software for jewellery shop as it is aligned with all the perspectives in the jewellery business scenario.

Diamond Retailer Software - Diamond business owners can select loose diamonds directly from their inventory lists and add onto memos, quotes, or invoices in just a few seconds. IDiamondCloud is true stock management software and it summarizes views making it easy to search for transactions and see current status and aging.

  • Get filtered online reports of the historical transactions done by profit centers in various formats.
  • It enables you in running down the traditional reports such as Trial Balance by each Profit Center.
  • Purchases and Invoices
  • Consignment and memos
  • Customer and supplier payments
  • Multiple Currencies and payment terms
  • Profit and loss statements / Trial Balance / Accounts payable and received.
  • Account Ledger / Bill Alterations

Diamond Print Label

There are two way to print the print label screen:

  • Diamond Regular label
  • Diamond Page label printing

Diamond Regular Label

In Top Menu Screen, click on print label option then it open a new window and print the diamond print label on the screen.

Diamond Page label printing

The screen displays the format of a 3 X 10 label per sheet. From the Diamond Entry screen only one diamond record can be printed on a label. At the bottom of the screen is a spin box that allows the user to print as many labels for each diamond as is needed. For this type of printing the checkbox of print label from option screen should be checked.

  • Loose diamonds can be connected to labs like GIA, IGI, EGL, EGL USA, HRD, AGS, IGI and you can download diamond attributes information from labs and upload their certificate image.
  • Upload comprehensive each loose diamonds data to various sites like RAPNET, BLUENILE etc.
  • Avoid manual entry and just upload the CSV or an Excel sheet and obtain the same by Importing or exporting the loose diamond inventory
  • For respective diamond stone you can upload diamond images and their videos in 360 degree viewing
  • Get an automatic Rapnet price, updated for loose diamonds on every Thursday.
  • iDiamondCloud is compatible with RFID Technology and Barcoding feature which offers a unique code to each stone, while scanning them, the software identifies and list those stones which do not exist or are misplaced in the inventory.
  • MIXING - Mixing screen is used for performing the mixing functionality for any existing and non-existing stone attributes. Through mixing functionality, we can transfer some value of quantity and carat to any existing or non-existing loose diamond.
  • PARTNERSHIP - The Partnership screen allows the user to create a partnership with one or more partners in the selling of a diamond stone. A partnership is created when one or more entities have their shares in the purchase or sale of a diamond. There are three sections on this screen. The top section is for entering the diamond attributes and pricing. The middle section is for entering yours partner information that includes the percentage share offered, which is automatically calculated. The bottom section is for adding one or more partner details and percentage figures. Several other partnership options can be also chosen.
  • DIAMOND SEARCH - It is a filter-based search screen where you can search your diamonds whether they are On Hand, On Memo, or Sold.
  • Export Diamond Stones to eBay and Amazon.

iDiamondCloud deals with loose diamonds, fancy diamonds, pairs and parcels. User can mix the diamonds as well for different sizes and quantities. Inventory prices will be updated by RapPrice weekly. Print labels for diamonds and RFID can be used for Inventory check. Stones info and certificates can be directly downloaded from respective Labs. Stones can be scheduled upload to the different market places like Rapnet, Polygon, Bluenile, eBay, Amazon, etc. along with different FTP's. Various different Diamond Inventory reports are generated which can be customize.

iDiamondCloud Features

  • Single diamond and parcel inventory

  • Certified and non-certified diamonds

  • Automatic update with Rapaport diamond prices Automatic inventory upload to RAPNET Polygon, IDEX Online Blue Nile, Amazon and more

  • Certificate and data uploads from GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL, and other labs

  • Bar code label printing and scanning

  • Matching Pairs Layouts

  • Diamond imaging and videos

  • Diamond Re-cutting

  • Diamond Partnerships

  • Grading history

  • In House locations

  • Diamond mounted in jewelry (shows Image of Jewelry)

  • Seven pricing levels

  • Customized lab reports

  • Memo history

  • Cost code maintenance

  • Email Certificates and lists

  • Tag Printing (For mounted diamonds)

  • Diamond History

  • Diamond Quotes by customer

  • Reserve stone by customer

  • Works with Megascope and Sarin technologies

  • Mixing and mixing history

  • Loading from excel as well as other programs

  • Export and import databases

  • FTP functionalities

Search by Diamonds

  • Multiple Diamond Shapes

  • Multiple Labs

  • Diamond Vendor

  • Diamond Purchase Dates

  • In-house

  • On memo

  • Certificate Lab

  • Plus Much More

iDiamondCloud Diamond Reports

  • Diamond Inventory reports with cost

  • Diamond Inventory without cost

  • Diamond On memo inventory

  • Diamond Inventory with adjustable sell prices

  • Diamond Reports according to Rapaport diamond prices

  • Diamond Certificate from Lab

  • Many More Reports

Diamond Prices Update

Diamond Prices are updated two times in a day as per London Bullion Market (LBMA). Every Friday Morning RapPrices are downloaded from RAPNET and updating the current prices to the inventory as per user's settings as the user can have option to recalculate the Sell Prices or Percent Off.

Importing and Exporting Inventory in CSV and EXCEL

Mixing of Stones

Search Screen (Matching Pair Search, Fancy Color Stones Search, Search Based on Multiple Prices, Filters on Every Attribute of Diamond, Filter based on Sold, Memo, In-Hand)

Import CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header]

  • Certificate Import and data from Labs [GIA, AGS, HRD, IGI, and EGL] for now it is for Diamonds only.

  • Data import can use Auto-Increment feature as well to name the Stones/items automatically

  • User can create memo-In and Bills as well while importing Inventory for a Vendor.

Bulk Images or Certificates Import

  • Export CSV and EXCEL SHEETS [with or without header] [with or without images or certificates]

  • Download on Desktop

  • Upload or Export to FTP [VDB, R2NET, Polygon, IDEX, BlueNile or client provided FTPs]

  • Upload or Export using SOAP or REST APIs [RAPNET, eBay, Amazon, QuickBook Online and Desktop Version]

  • Export as Attachment [CSV, EXCEL, PDF] to Mail

  • Bulk Images or Certificates Export for the Exported Inventory


  • Call Lists
  • Offers
  • Google Calendar
  • Upcoming Events, mail to customers on their Birthday, Anniversary
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Balance
  • Customer Statement
  • Customer Import/Export
  • Salesperson with Commission %
  • Salesman Draw
  • Salesman Payment
  • Can Print Checks on Pre-printed Checks